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Customer Experience – why you need one step checkout.

We live in a world where the demand for content and new technology is growing and expected almost instantly. Apple release new phones with new technology every year. Blogs can no longer just have one post a month as the need for content means blogs need to flow with content and this demand is the same for when we order products. From placing an order to it arriving on our doorstep we expect it without delay within a matter of days if not hours with next day delivery or Amazon’s two hour delivery. So it’s not surprising that most people want to able to order the product in seconds which can’t happen if your website fails or has a complicated check out.

In lots of cases, that you may have experienced yourself, you may see a product online, go to purchase it but the checkout is too complex so you say’ll you will ‘get it later’ but when you do go back you find another retailer is selling that product. If your website has the complex checkout you have lost your customer, but you can develop your Magento site by installing a one step checkout plug-in to make that all important checkout easier.

Check out this plug-in from our partners, Amasty 

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