Planning your Social Media Content

You know that you need to post on social media regularly, but how do you know you’ll always have content? Make a content calendar you can update and change as and when you need to.

Having a visual calendar of key events, content ideas and things to talk about helps keep your posting on track and helps it flow from week to week. It can be a challenge initially setting time aside to make a list of things you will want to talk about because social media also needs to be reactive and on topic.

Here are some tips to get started:

  • Print out a calendar template or set up a calendar in Excel. Maybe try to plan 3 Months at a time.
  • Write down the services or products you offer and will want to share on Social Media.
  • Research upcoming events in your area and add relevant dates to your calendar. i.e. local runs = tag them and wish them luck.
  • Find some interesting National Days and key events you can talk about i.e St Patricks Day, Christmas, Bank Holiday, Summer
  • Plan when your blogs go live so you can write SM posts to support this
  • Once you have filled your calendar with these dates and ideas you can start writing posts and creating images to go with each event.
  • Start scheduling!
  • Don’t forget if you do schedule content you still need to check in on your accounts to respond to any comments and messages as well as to engage with other peoples content too!

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