Dogs in the office – even Nestle does it!

You may have seen on our Facebook that we have our very own office dog and colleague – Inka, a 3 year old black lab. We are obviously not the only office to have brought dogs into the workplace, Nestle have and they have noted the benefits of bringing our four legged friends to work to create a more sociable and engaging environment.

Nestle even have a 3-step process to make sure your dog is suited for the office environments, likes people and the other dogs. But why are more companies allowing dogs in the office? According to Open Workspace Design ‘Businesses are recognising the impact our canine companions can have on morale and productivity’

A study in the article by Open Workspace Design found ‘During the course of each work day, stress levels of employees with their dogs present declined by 11%. For non-pet owners and dog owners who left them at home, stress levels increased by up to 70%.’ Obviously, there are other factors to consider before bringing a dog into the office such as allergies, phobias etc.

Will you be introducing dogs into your workplace?

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