Presents from Santa…Time saving ideas for Grown Ups

Final CWS Christmas card

This year the Christmas frenzy has been in overdrive since October with incredible gift ideas. The most popular toys this year to fill those magical stockings are tech-based toys. Our children are the future generation of techies who will take over the world with ingenuity.


The top 3 toys this year include are the cute, slightly wacky Hatchimals Surprise, with not just one but two magical creatures hidden inside the egg. Children have to love and care for the egg in order for the hatch to be successful. This year’s egg slowly hatches to reveal not one but two animatronic animals inside. From there they offer a range of interactions and games as they develop.


Next on Santa’s list is Anki Overdrive Fast and Furious. This is Scalextrics for the next generation. The cars steer themselves around the clip-together track. Players use a smartphone to find the racing line and control the speed. On top of that, you can trigger virtual mines, missiles and magnet attacks to slow down your opponents. The sounds and visuals are on the screen but the racing action happens in the real world.


And finally, Christmas would not be the same without a Star Wars toy. BB-8 Hero Droid

the little robot character from Star Wars has captured the imagination of toy makers everywhere. This new big BB-8 is larger than other versions of the droid, with its lifelike scale of 16 inches tall, but it also moves like the real thing too. There is a range of different ways to interact with him too.


So that’s the toys for children covered but what about the grown-ups?. If you ask any working adult one thing they would put on their Santa List would be time, time to live, time to think, time to play. Here at colourways we’ve put our top 3 together that save’s time and money for our business


Our number 1 on the list is the Google Pixel 2, it’s simple to use and has an incredible camera. The most important time-saving function is the unlimited storage, no more backing up photos or sifting through and deleting to free up space to capture that Christmas morning moment.


Our next must-have business partner is QuickBooks, time-saving reporting and user-friendly functionality. From client estimates through to purchase orders and sales invoices, it’s perfect for managing all aspects of our accounting system.. They say time means money, so when an accounting package saves you an abundance of time then that’s a big tick.


Adobe InDesign CC has everything we need to create an eye-catching design for both print and digital mediums, it’s still our favourite creative package.  Faster launch times mean the creativity is fast flowing without limitations.


There you have it, 3 simple ways to make more time to do….

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