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In our opinion music is the most inspiring, motivating creative force. Although music is moving further into the digital age, everyone has a memory linked to that iconic Album cover so here’s 6 of our favourites. Each album cover is iconic in its own way, but more importantly they’re instantly recognisable. We love the digital age and the wealth of opportunities available to brands and businesses across the globe, but there is still a place for artistic expression on physical album covers even more so now as vinyl covers are making a comeback.

Artist: Bowie

Album: Aladdin Sane

Photographer: Brian Duffy


Artist: Nirvana

Album: Nevermind

Designer: Robert Fisher


Artist: Grace Jones

Album: Island Life

Designer: Jean-Paul Goude


Artist: Oasis

Album: Definitely Maybe

Designer: Brian Cannon/Microdot


Artist: Blondie

Album: Parallel Lines

Designer: Ramey Communications/Edo Bertoglio/Peter Leeds


Artist: Bruce Springsteen

Album: Born in the USA

Photographer: Annie Leibovitz

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