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Planning your next Exhibition Stand

Booked your stand at your next show…. now what?

Even if it’s your first time or fifth time going to a show with your business it can and will be stressful if you haven’t planned how to bring your stand to life.

You need to be able to stand out from the crowd… literally.

Here are our tips to help you.

Before: You should have a clear idea of the message you want to get across, your content and most importantly, your budget. Remember, it is never too early to get in touch with an agency to start designing your stand, so it’s ready in time for your show.

Make a checklist: Even if this is your first show but you have an idea of what you want, write it down! Anything you miss out, your design team can advise!

Agency: Find a creative agency that has experience in designing stands. This will make the process easier for you as they know what they’re doing and they will know how to maximise space.

Brief: Give your chosen agency a detailed brief, budget and deadline – they should keep you informed of ideas and concepts and initial costs.

Concepts: You should see a range of concepts to help see what you do or don’t like and get your stand closer to how you vision it.

Additional materials: As your stand grows you should get a better idea of other materials you will need i.e. leaflets, goody bags, storage containers, uniform etc

3D: As you get closer to your final design you should be able to see the stand in 3D to get a better feel for the stand.

Engage: Think about ways to engage your audience with your stand. Some people offer free water or snacks, some run competitions or use Virtual Reality for demos. Something different that makes you stand out!

Relax: As you and your design team create a show-stopping stand and meet the deadline, it’s time to relax and smile and meet your new customers.

If you need a team that has experience designing and building exhibitions stands on time and on budget then contact us today

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