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Simple ways to drive traffic to your NEW online store

Sometimes it’s the obvious things that are overlooked when launching a new site, you spend so much time getting the product, price and logistics right that the thought of how to  drive traffic to your store can seem overwhelming. Here’s a few simple tips to get you going:


Your friends and family, their friends and their friends…. Good news travels. Write a compelling post with a cool image and get your friends and family to share, you will be amazed at the momentum it creates. Offer a discount on their first purchase and get the news out there.

Digital Influencers

Spend time researching the influential Bloggers / Instagrammers in your market sector. Look for influencers who have a high following and operate under similar values to your own business. Interact with them, even send them free samples and accompanying product information, encourage them to feature your products, but make sure you make it easy for them.

Press Release

The press and particularly local press love a unique story. Make sure you grab their attention with good quality images to support your story. Make sure your story is punchy and informative again a free sample will help.

Small Business & Startup Forums

Use the power of the internet, post on forums, start conversations regarding your new business, keep it simple and interesting, the aim is to get people talking about your new business.


Start tweeting, upload images and interact with fellow tweeters. Engage with potential customers and get your products noticed. Have some fun with it, check out the hashtags that are trending and reply with relevant tweets. Build excitement and a countdown to your launch.

The key is to build your potential customer base, once you have this and you have established your on-line presence you can use SEO and Paid Digital Campaigns to drive growth.

Looking to set up your own online store?

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