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How to create fantastic content

An engaged audience wants to hear what you have to say and if they like what they read then they will come back for more, so make sure you don’t bore them in the first few lines. Here’s some help to make sure you create fantastic content.


Make sure your content is original, Google, not to mention your site visitors love unique content that’s relevant and useful. It’s far better to have fewer but more exciting posts. You could make your content unique by inviting different employees to write the post, giving a different style of approach can help keep the content fresh and topical. If your content creates a buzz of activity then the search engines will notice that your post is important and come back to your site more frequently.


Make sure you proof read your content and check for those annoying little grammatical errors, sometimes you can’t just leave it to a spell check. Accuracy of content gives a more credible content.


Headings can win or gain a visitor in an instant, if you can’t grab their interest at the headline you have no chance of holding their interest for the rest of the article. Make the headlines relevant and interesting, encourage your reader to read on.


Give your visitors a clear direction of what to do next, whether it’s to purchase a product or service, find information or seek further advice. Make it easy for them and offer a ‘Comments’ section so your readers can reply to you or comment on the article.


Images are a powerful tool to enhance any article, make your image relevant and powerful, with a crisp clear image rather than a poor low resolution version that’s been poorly copied.


If you need to quote stats to support your point, then make sure they are accurate and reference where you got the stat from.


There is nothing better than a brief, to-the-point article filled with information.

Don’t worry about the word count it’s the content that counts.

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