Are you up to date with the new tools on Social Media?

Social Media seems to be one of the fastest growing business tools to help communicate with customers and for customers to engage with friends and your business. Facebook and Instagram are just some of the various social media platforms that keep adding to their bank of tools to help your business grow and help customers find what they are looking for.

Here are just a few of the latest features Facebook and Instagram have introduced for customers or businesses:

Boomerang on Instagram: Take short, fun videos and share to your Instagram Profile.

Mentions on Instagram: About to add a new story to your Instagram? Now you can tag a friend!

Marketplace on Facebook: Facebook have implemented ‘Marketplace’ for users to buy and sell items to their friends.

 Shopping on Instagram: Not only has Facebook introduced ‘Marketplace’ but Instagram is also trialing shopping through Instagram Posts. Most mobile users are now getting comfortable with making a purchase through mobile, so Instagram want you to be able to come across a product and give you a direct route to purchase.

Read the Instagram blog to find out more about their new features.


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